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How to find Daily today's amazon quiz answers?

  • This website provides All the Ongoing daily Amazon Quiz. You can easily find Amazon quiz Answers link on our website. Get updated with all the latest Amazon Quiz answers on our page. Now Double your chances of giving the right answer just a click/tap away!

Find when the Winners of the Amazon Quiz Will be declared?

  • Before the end of the day, you might find your name on the Winner's List. So get ready for the updated list of Today's Quiz winner. Soon it will be declared on or before the end of the day. You can visit our website and check Amazon Quiz Winners List Here or Visit Amazon Winners to Know Lucky Winner. 

How can you find Today's Amazon app quiz Questions?

  • Get yourself updated with Amazon Daily App Quiz, which is available on Amazon Funzone. It is easy to find the Funzone banner on Amazon App Home Side Menu. Now it is easy to play on Amazon Funzone . You need to Search "Quiz" on Amazon App, then click on Fun Zone, and finally, you can select your Desired Quiz. To go-to in-app Quiz Directly, you can also click here from your mobile.

How to participate in Amazon Quiz?

  • It is so easy to search for your Desired Quiz on Amazon App. Follow these three steps :
  • Search Quiz on Amazon App
  •  Select Fun Zone 
  •  Select your Desired Quiz. 

       Play with fun! After attempting the Quiz, quickly submit the Correct Answer & Wait patiently for the announcement for the lucky Winner. You never know it might be you. Do not miss the chance! 

How can you win Quiz Answers?

  • Playing on Amazon mobile app is so easy now. Just follow these simple steps and get ready to win the exciting prizes.
  • Search Quiz on Amazon mobile App,
  •  Select "Fun Zone" 
  •  Click on the Quiz in which you wish to participate.
  •  Submit Correct Answers and then Wait patiently for the Announcement of the Lucky Winner.
  •  If you are lucky to be the Amazon Quiz Winner, then it is so sure that you will win exciting prizes. You can now quickly check your name in the Quiz Winners list. Amazon Quiz Winners Will be featured on Funzone of Amazon App by Tweeting Win with "#WonOnAmazon.". 


आखिर अमेज़न क्विज है क्या ?

अमेज़न क्विज एक दैनिक अर्थात प्रतिदिन पूछे जाने वाले सवालों  की प्रतियोगिता है जिसमे प्रतिदिन 5 सवाल पूछे जाते हैं |इसमें बहुवैकल्पिक प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं जिनमें से सही विकल्प चुन कर उत्तर दिया जाता है |यह क्विज़ रोज़ सुबह 8 बजे से दोपहर 12 बजे तक उपलब्ध रहती है |इसमें भाग एने के लिए प्रतियोगी को अमेजॉन एप्लिकेशन पर जाना होता है |

अमेजॉन क्विज़  के जवाब ढूँढने के लिए क्या करें ?

यदि आपको क्विज के जवाब ढूंढना है तो आप इस पेज पर अमेजॉन क्विज़ के उत्तर देख सकते हैं | साथ ही रोजाना क्विज के चालू होते ही Dealsmangnet द्वारा सही जवाब प्रकाशित किये जाते हैं |

अमेजॉन क्विज के विजेता  प्राइज कैसे प्राप्त कर सकते हैं ?

अमेजॉन क्विज़ के सभी सवालों के सही उत्तर देने वाले प्रतियोगी को एक लकी ड्रा के लिए चुना जाता है | उसी लकी ड्रा में से एक प्रतियोगी  को विजेता घोषित किया जाता है |जिसकी जानकारी प्रतियोगी को ईमेल द्वारा डी जाती है |फिर उसको अपनी आईडी भेजना होता है | यदि 10 ,000 रूपये  से अधिक होता है तो पैन कार्ड भेजने का अनुरोध किया जाता है | तत्पश्चात अमेजॉन गिफ्ट कार्ड मेल या अन्य अमेजॉन क्विज प्राइज पोस्ट के माध्यम से रजिस्टर्ड पते पर भेजे जाते हैं |

क्या यह आवश्यक है कि अमेजॉन क्विज जीतने के लिए ट्वीटर पर ट्वीट किया जाए ?

इसका जवाब  है -नहीं |यह आवश्यक नहीं है की अमेजॉन क्वीज के सही उत्तर देने के बाद आपको ट्वीट करना है |हाँ  आप अपने मित्रों या जानकारों को अमेजॉन क्वीज़ की जानकारी देने हेतु ट्वीट कर सकते हैं |

About Amazon Quiz?

  • Amazon Quiz is all about Amazon's App-only Daily contest. You can attempt five questions every day, for which you will get four options for each to select the correct answer. Its time to win exciting prizes. Select the correct answer for all the questions and win the Quiz Time contest. The winner gets selected in the Lucky Draw. This daily Quiz Contest daily runs from 8 AM to 12 PM. Apart from Daily, other exciting contests run Weekly, Monthly, Spin & Win, Tap & Win, and Special Amazon Quiz. 

How can you win Amazon Quiz?

  • If you submit all the correct answers for all the questions, you will get a chance to enter into Lucky Draw, which will get selected from the other participants who answered all questions correctly. Finally, the winners get selected by Amazon in Random Draw from Eligible Participants. 


What benefit do you get when you participate in Amazon Quiz?

  • Amazon Quiz is free so get your chances double to win the exciting prizes by playing this Quiz. Just install Amazon App on your mobile, then sign -in with Amazon Account and get ready to participate in this fantastic Quiz. In less time, you can win Sony speakers in each Quiz. It is so amazing to win big prizes that also free of cost. It helps you to increase your General Knowledge also. So, you won't lose anything; it is always a benefit to Participate in Amazon Quiz . It is still A win-win situation for participants.  


Is Amazon Quiz available on your Mobile website also?

  • You can play this exciting Amazon Quiz Contests via Mobile Browser. Amazon Quiz is Now easily accessible from Mobile Website. Through your Mobile browser, you can participate in this fantastic Quiz by signing in with your Amazon account.

About Amazon Quiz Spin And Win contest

  • Spin and Win isa part of Amazon's App only Quiz Contest. In Spin and Win. Now play this Spin and Win contest with these easy to play steps :
  • Participants have to Spin the wheel by just Clicking on "Tap to Spin." 
  • The Result of the Spin will be the Winning Prize for the winning Contestant.
  •  You can also claim the Prize in Quiz by just Pressing "Claim Your Prize," You will be straight away redirected to the Quiz page from where you have to submit and correct the answer & wait patiently for the announcement of the lucky winner.
  •  If you are lucky enough, you can win some fantastic prizes, and you can also claim your Prize very quickly that too free of cost. You will soon get your claimed Prize. Each "Spin and Win Quiz" contest will have only one Question.

What is all about this fantastic Amazon Quiz Contest?

  • Amazon Quiz Contest is a Daily App-only Contest which is conducted by Amazon India. Every day, this fantastic Daily Quiz Contest starts from morning 8 AM to 12 Noon. All you need to do is Submit your Amazon Quiz Answers & get your chances double to Win Exciting Prizes Daily. Another excitement is about the special Quiz conducted by Amazon Various Occasions. It is free of cost, and everyone Can get this chance to participate in Contests and get a fantastic opportunity to Win unique and Exciting Prizes. 
  • Most of the Amazon quiz has five questions, and Useindia provides Amazon quiz answers to submit correct answers to all the questions and make your chances double to win this Amazon Quiz. 
  • Visit our website regularly; you won't be disappointed. We ensure that every participant who visits our website indeed gets amazing prizes that too without spending money.


About Amazon XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz

Good news! Amazon XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz is live on Amazon App starting from 30th December 2020. This unique Quiz is Also Known as Microsoft Gaming PCs Quiz. Get ready to play this exciting game. Just Submit the answers button & then Submit the correct answers to win this exciting quiz. Now double your chance of winning this quiz. We have made it easy for you by adding Correct Answers for Amazon XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz. Visit our website. You can quickly get the correct answers.

Our answers will double your chance to win this contest once you submit all the right answers to 5 Questions of XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz. Here is an opportunity for you to Win an Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance By Submitting the correct Answers to all the First Question of the Amazon XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz is, "Which of these sports events happened in 2020 with no audience in the stadiums?".

Be hurry! This Amazon Quiz Time Contest Will soon End on 12th January 2021. Ten lucky winners will get a chance to be selected as Winner in this XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz. Don't delay soon visit our website and grab this fantastic opportunity.

Some easy tricks to Submit The XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz answers:

  • You need to Open Amazon App and Search for "Quiz Time," or click on Quiz time Banner on App Home Page. Just see the Side Menu in Amazon App then it will be easy to find The XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz Banner.
  • The next step is to click on Submit Quiz Answers Button on XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz Page.
  • Finally, Submit Answers to all the 5 Questions Correctly and Wait patiently for the announcement of winners in the Lucky Draw for XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz.
  • Don't miss this chance to win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance in This Quiz.

Terms & Conditions of Amazon XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz :

  • The most awaited XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz will commence on 30th December 2020 from 12:00:01 a.m. (IST) and end on 12th January 2021 11:59:59 p.m. (IST).
  • Sign -in to or sign -up from your account on and get eligible to XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz,
  • You can easily play now this exciting quiz. Stay there in
  • Once you have signed-in to Amazon, you can easily participate in the quiz by navigating to XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz page, or you need to click where 5 (Five) questions will get posted during the running Contest Period.
  • After that, you need to answer all the XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz correctly. If you get all Answers Correct, you can be the lucky one among all other participants who attempted the quiz and accurately answered all the Contest quiz questions. You can be the next winner.
  •  At the end of the Quiz, The draw of lots will be carried out. A random draw of lots will select a total of 10 lucky winners. You never know you can be that lucky winner. Continue playing the game. Never miss this exciting opportunity to be the winner. You need to visit our website regularly.
  • The lucky winner will be eligible for winning Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance.
  • You don't need to wait too much. The XBOX game Pass for PC Quiz Winners will be declared On or Before 20th January 2021.
  • You can Check Detailed Terms & Conditions on Quiz Page @ Amazon Funzone


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