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One of the major objectives of the United Stock Exchange of India Limited (USIL) is protection of the investors dealing through the members of the Exchange.  Towards this end and in compliance with the SEBI directions in this regard, the Exchange has set up Regional Investors Service Centers at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Investors may approach these centers for assistance, support or redress of their grievances against members of the Exchange.


Safeguards for Investors:


  • Deal only with a SEBI registered member, after due diligence.  Details of the Members of the exchange are available on this Website
  • Fill all details in full in the “Client Application” form along with complete set of supporting documents
  • Enter into Member-Constituent agreement as per the format prescribed by the Exchange. This agreement is mandatory for all investors
  •  Obtain a clarification from member regarding brokerage, commission, fees and other charges levied for trading
  • Obtain the proof of payment made as deposit of money/property with the member
  • Place order for buy or sell clearly in writing or in such form or manner, as may be mutually agreed
  • Ensure that the contract note is received on time with all relevant details such as order number, trade time, quantity, price, brokerage, details of other levies, etc. mentioned clearly
  • Ensure the payment of funds for settlement on time and obtain the necessary receipt from the member
  • Ensure the receipt of funds from member on time as prescribed by the Exchange and in case of dispute, approach the Investor Grievances Cell of the Exchange
  • Ensure the receipt of statement of Accounts and margins on a periodical basis
  • Report errors, if any, within specific period to the member and for non rectification of errors, refer to the Investor Grievances Cell of the Exchange without delay
  • In case of surrender of membership, members declared as defaulter or expelled members, claims if any, with respect to transactions being executed through the trading system of the Exchange, may be lodged along with supporting documents to the Exchange. The Exchange publishes public notice inviting claims, if any, from investors
  • All claims, differences or disputes with members arising out of or in relation to dealings, contracts and transactions made subject to the Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchange may be submitted to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Bye-Laws and Regulations


Do’s and Don’ts




  • Deal always with SEBI registered members of the Exchange
  • Obtain copies of the Know Your Client form, Member-client Agreement, Risk Disclosure Document and all other documents executed by you
  • Read carefully the contents of Risk Disclosure Document which forms part of the Investor registration
  • Always insist on contract notes from the Member for trades executed and verify the same
  • Ensure sufficient funds availability in your bank account towards pay-in obligation
  • Review statement of Accounts and Margin
  • Follow up for pending documents diligently




  • Don’t deal with unregistered intermediaries
  • Don’t execute any documents with any intermediary without reading and understanding the contents
  • Don’t trade on rumours
  • Don’t get swayed by promises of high returns and luring advertisement
  • Don’t make any payments in cash
  • Don’t hesitate to approach concerned authorities to resolve disputes, if any


 For filing any complaints/grievances against members of the Exchange, investors may mail to investorcomplaints@useindia.com



  Complaint Format
Format for registering of complaint by clients against members
  Arbitration Format
Arbitration application - Form I
Arbitration application - Form II
Arbitration application - Form III
Arbitration Award
  Complaint/ Arbitration Status (Issued in compliance with SEBI circular MRD/DoP/SE/Cir- 10/2009 dated   September 03, 2009)
Report 1C - Redressal of complaints lodged by clients against trading members during the current financial year      
Report 4A - Penal actions against trading members during the previous financial year      
Report 4B - Penal actions against trading members during the current financial year      
List of Arbitrators      
Appeal Format      
Appeal Award      
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